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Adopt an Inuyasha charater
Adopt and Inuyasha charater
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Here you can adopt an Inuyasha charater,but only 1 ^^; IF THE INUYASHA CHARATER IS TAKEN DO NOT ASK FOR IT!  17/34 are taken

Inuyasha-Taken by:(no name)
Human Inuyasha- Taken by: Dante Reaver Souls

Demon Inuyasha-Taken by: Sesho

Image hosted by Photobucket.comChibi/Baby Inuyasha- Taken by: FullMetal
Kagome-Taken by:Kelsey

Go to fullsize imageDemon Slayer Sango-Taken by: Dutch InuYasha fans
Kimono Sango-not taken
Miroku-not taken
Shippo- Taken by: Katy

Small Kilala-Taken by: Inu_inuyashagirl

Big Kilala-Taken by: Daniela
Naraku-not taken
Go to fullsize imageKagura-not taken
Kanna-Taken by: OtakuCR
Kikyo-Taken by: Kikyo Rocks!

Go to fullsize imageKohaku-not taken

Bankotsu-Taken by: Bankotsu's_Wife
Jakotsu-Taken by: Amanda
Renkotsu-Taken by: Mikazuki
Go to fullsize imageSuikotsu-Taken by: T.J
Mukosu-not taken
Ginkotsu-not taken

Kyoukotsu-not taken

Hiten-not taken
Go to fullsize imageMaten-not taken
Go to fullsize imageSesshomaru-Taken by: Raven

 Chibi/Baby Sesshomaru-Taken by: Kaytlyn ( no e-mail address)

Sesshoumaru's dog formDemon Sesshomaru-Taken by: jordon
Rin-Taken by: tstyu

Go to fullsize imageJaken- not taken
Go to fullsize imageKouga-Taken by: Shenron
Go to fullsize imageAyame-Taken by: Kellee
Go to fullsize imageInuNoTaisho-Taken by: Jessica
Go to fullsize imageIzayoi-not taken
Juuroumaru-not taken
Myouga-not taken

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Who you want to adopt
Have any charaters 4 me 2 put in?

Inuyasha may rock but shippo is soooooooo cute!